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Demonstrated technical, operational and financial leadership

Worked the onshore Gulf Basin for 30+ years​

Staff with 62% commercial track record over last 10 years​

Solid team dynamics having worked together on a number of projects


Our key to success comes from the following:

- People
Hire and retain world-class talent

- Assets
Conduct thorough economic, risk and technical analysis

- Geology
Deep dive into understanding the existing potential
Utilize best available technologies

- Operations
Optimize available infrastructure and focus on safety

- Discipline
Install processes throughout the organization that uphold our strategy and mission

- Value Creation
Optimize and Monetize assets

WTD will work with our partners to ascertain present and future strategies that will improve terminal value

  • Acquired 24,000 gr and/or option non-operated acreage in Austin Chalk play, Jasper & Newton Co., Texas​

          - 17 – 25 drilling units identified​

          - Initial well producing 300 BOE/D​

  • Acquired and operate 6 producing fields in central Louisiana​

          - 120 BOE/D production​

  • Evaluating multiple acquisition opportunities onshore Gulf Coast Louisiana/Texas ​

  • Offices established in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LA​

  • Established partnership with Oleum Corporation, Mexico City ​

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