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Planning Manager​

Mr. Muncey has over 30 years of experience as a geologist, oil and gas business analyst and manager. Mr. Muncey’s background includes roles at Shell, Hess and other E&P companies involving portfolio analysis, value optimization, asset performance analysis, and business and strategic planning. At Shell he played a key business development role as the principle economist for Shell’s entry into the Marcellus Shale play with its $4 billion acquisition of East Resources. And Mr. Muncey was the lead economist/business planner for Shell’s East Texas Bossier-Haynesville “Magnolia” unconventional gas asset. Other relevant roles include business planning and exploration/production economics for deep water Gulf of Mexico assets at Shell and Hess and for deep water West Africa assets at Pan Atlantic Exploration Company.

Prior to obtaining his MBA degree, Mr. Muncey worked as a geologist on electromagnetic geophysical surveys in seismically difficult petroleum basins of Brazil and the US and on a major geothermal exploration project in Japan. Mr. Muncey has generated successful drilling prospects in the Maverick Basin of South Texas. Mr. Muncey is a licensed professional geoscientist in the state of Texas. His combined skill sets in oil and gas business planning and economics, geology, geophysics and engineering make him a highly effective manager and communicator and a key member of WTD’s management team.

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